Institutions and Racism: What’s Wrong with this Picture, Part 2

10 On-air personalities of MSNBC, all white

Meet the Faces of MSNBC

Ten prominent faces of MSNBC, their on-air personalities from morning ’til night, and not a single person of color. Certainly, they were not all hired by one single racist person acting with strict intent to keep their public face white. More likely, it’s institutionalized racism. The only other possibilities I can think of are coincidence or a dearth of talent and ability among people of color, and neither is plausible.

Quoting Melissa Harris Lacewell in The Nation:

Racism is not the the sole domain of Republicans, Conservatives or Southerners. Not all racists pepper their conversation with the N-word or secretly desire the extermination of black and brown people. Racism is complex, multi-layered, and deeply rooted in the American story.

As my friend UrbanBohemian pointed out, MSNBC may have even outdone Vanity Fair:

Vanity Fair cover showing "young Hollywood." Nine women, all white.


One Response to “Institutions and Racism: What’s Wrong with this Picture, Part 2”

  1. Rochelle Spencer Says:

    This is another good post. I have friends who say things like, “I’ve voted for Obama,” or “I believe in so-and-so policy,” so I’m not racist. It’s almost as though people forget that racism is institutionalized, part of a larger system that goes beyond a single individual choice or action…Sadly, I’m sure there are people who see the MSNBC thing or the Vanity Fair cover and don’t realize how homogenous they are.

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